Learn Spanish Vocabulary.

On this page you will find links to pages for learning Spanish vocabulary. From beginners of the Spanish language to more advanced Spanish vocabulary and useful Spanish sentences. Most pages include audio files for you to listen to, as well as image files to help you remember the vocabulary.

New Picture Dictionary

Online picture dictionary for learning Spanish. The dictionary includes good images and great audio. A must see for all beginners of the Spanish language.

Learn Spanish in Spanish speaking countries.

Spanish speaking coutries.
NEW, Read an introduction to Spanish speaking coutries while listening to Spanish audio.

Jobs in Spanish speaking Countries.

Jobs, Interviews in Spanish speaking countries.

Vocabulary for Travel.

If you are going on holiday, these are the Spanish words you should never leave home without learning. These sections will help you in many situations on your Spanish holiday. They are very easy to learn and memorize.

At the airport
Train Station
Getting around
At the Hotel
Tourist Office
Catching a Taxi

Beginners Spanish Vocabulary.

Everyone who is beginning to learn Spanish should start here. Here you will learn how to pronounce the Spanish alphabet, tell the time, here how the Spanish colors are pronounced and be able to speak about the weather.

The Spanish Alphabet with audio.
Learn Spanish Time Vocabulary with audio.
Learn Spanish Vocabulary - Colors with audio.
Learn Spanish Weather Vocabulary with audio.

Spanish Numbers.

Learn Spanish Numbers with audio.

Spanish Vocabulary related it Information Technology.

Learn Spanish Information Technology Vocabulary.
Information Technology Continued.
Information Technology Continued.

Spanish Vocabulary related to Sports.

Learn Spanish Sporting Vocabulary with audio.

Learn Spanish Grammar

We might not enjoy learning the Spanish grammar but if you want to be fluent in Spanish you are going to need to revise some important grammar points. The following pages provide you with a brief overview of Spanish grammar. Note: Spanish verbs are conjugated differently than in English and can be tricky. We have therefore included a larger Spanish verbs section that includes the explanation, Spanish verb trainer, Spanish verb conjugator and a list of commonly used Spanish verbs.

Learn Spanish Articles with audio.
Learn Spanish Adjectives with audio.
Learn Spanish Adverbs with audio.
Learn Spanish Conjunctions with audio.
Learn Spanish Nouns with audio.
Learn Spanish Prepositions with audio.
Learn Spansh Pronouns with audio.
Learn Spanish Verbs with audio

Spanish Vocabulary for day to day use.

These sections are important for you to learn if you want to achieve fluency with the Spanish language. After you have learnt these Spanish words you will be astonishingly surprised just how much Spanish you can speak.

Learn Spanish Vocabulary for when being ill.
Learn Spanish Vocabulary when talking about Likes and Interests.
Learn Spanish Vocabulary Describing Words.
Learn Spanish Vocabulary - Accept, Decline and Offer.
Learn Spanish Vocabulary - Expressing Quantity with audio.
Learn Spanish Vocabulary - General Quantities with audio.
Learn Spanish Vocabulary - Expressing Frequency with audio.
Learn Spanish Vocabulary - Expressing Time Frames.
Learn Spanish Vocabulary and Daily Routines.
Learn Spanish House-Hold Chores Vocabulary with audio.

Spanish Vocabulary for the DIY Enthusiast.

Learn Spanish Tools and Building Vocabulary with audio.
Learn Spanish Tools and Building Vocabulary Continued with audio.

Spanish vocabulary relating to School and Office.

School and Office Stationary Vocabulary.
Office equipment with audio.

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