Picture Dictionary for Spanish learners.

This is our main page for learning Spanish vocabulary. On the following pages you can learn many different Spanish words complete with audio files (for Spanish pronunciation) and where applicable we provide images. A native Spanish speaker has recorded the audio files provided. We hope you will be speaking Spanish soon.

Beginners Spanish vocabulary.

This is a great introduction to the Spanish language beginning with the Spanish alphabet. The main purpose of the beginners Spanish vocabulary list is for you to see and hear how the Spanish words are pronounced. Starting with the alphabet to hear all the letters and then move through the rest of the picture dictionary sections and you will clearly see that Spanish words are pronounced just as they are written.

Months in Spanish.
The human body parts.

Spanish vocabulary related to Numbers and Mathematics.

The numbers and mathematics sections teach you how to pronounce numbers, math functions and years in Spanish. This section is extremely important to learn if you want to speak Spanish fluently.

Mathematical functions.
Spanish Numbers.
Years in Spanish.

Spanish vocabulary related to Clothing.

Formal and Casual wear clothing items.

Spanish vocabulary related to Foods.

The foods section of the Spanish dictionary will teach you how to pronounce many common food items in Spanish. If you are going to be living in Spain or any other Spanish speaking country you are going to need to learn these words.

Drinks and Foods.

Spanish vocabulary related to animals and nature.

Whether you are an animal lover, conscience about the environment or global warming or a wannabe astronaut, then this section will help you to build up your vocabulary to help you learn Spanish faster.

Domestic and Wild Animals.
Nature and the environment.
The Planets.

Spanish vocabulary related to Sports.


Spanish vocabulary related to Home, Office and Work.

These sections of the Spanish picture dictionary are extremely useful and you can make use of many of these words daily both at home and at work. Remember to nominate one room at home where only Spanish is spoken. This way you will learn Spanish faster.

Typical items you might expect to find in the house.
Typical items you might expect to find in the kitchen.
Typical items you might expect to find in the Garage.
Typical items you might expect to find in the office.

Spanish vocabulary relating to the armed forces

Spanish vocabulary you might find useful relating to the armed forces.

Spanish vocabulary related to Professions and Industries.

These sections are important if you job requires you to speak Spanish. They are actually very easy to learn and memorize.


Spanish vocabulary related to transport.

An essential part of life is transportation so we have included the transport section to help you learn Spanish and of course to help you get from A to B as and when you are going to need it.

Modes of transport.
Parts of cars. Engine, doors wipers etc.
Pronunciation guide for car manufactures.

Spanish vocabulary related to money and investments.

Money, investments, savings, banking etc.

Spanish vocabulary related to fitness and gym.

Upper body fitness machines.
Lower body fitness machines.

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