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Effective 01/07/2008

SpeakComputers.com Privacy Policy.

Privacy Table Of Content:

Our Commitment To Privacy:
The Information We Collect:
Third Party and Advertising:
How to contact us:

Our Commitment To Privacy and Security:

We at Speakcomputers.com respect your personal information. SpeakComputers.com does NOT collect any personal information from users visiting our website. Any information sent through to Speakcomputers.com via email or direct communication will remain confidential and private.

We will never, under no circumstances sell, lease or share any of your personal information to any third party (email or direct communication).
This Policy is set and FINAL.

The Information We Collect:

When you visit SpeakComputers.com we may collect general information about your visit. The information we collect will "NOT" identify you.

Information as:
  • Software Web Browser.
  • The Users Operating System.
  • Entry Page.
  • The time of the users visit. etc.

The information that is collected is for technical use only. The information informs us when our servers can expect more traffic/load, what pages are most popular to our visitors etc.



SpeakComputers.com may link to other sites.

SpeakComputers.com may provide Advertising space to third parties who offer similar or related products and/or services.

Need to Contact Us:

Please contact us for any additional information needed.
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