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Creating a TTS Image Presentation Project

Once you have successfully installed SpeakComputer Text to Speech Image Presentation, follow these steps to create a new TTS Image Presentation Project.

On your desktop or in the start menu, double click the "SpeakComputer Text to Speech Image Presentation" icon to start the application.

The "Opening Presentation" dialog is presented as seen below.

New TTS Image Project dialog.

Click the "Start New Presentation Project" and then click Continue.

Select start new project.

The next dialog is the "New Project" dialog. Enter a name for the project and a project location. The default location is in your Documents\Presentation-Projects\Project Name. You can leave the "Project Location" as the default. Click "Create".

Enter the new Project name.

Now with the New Project created, the main interface is shown with the "Add New Image Wizard". Click next.

Note: If you click "Cancel" at this point, the project will contain zero images.

The new Image Presentation Add Image Wizard is displayed.

On the following dialog, browse and select an image. Click next. Note: The images you add to your project will be copied to the projects image directory.

Select image to add.

Next you have the Audio Dialog. Here you can select a pre-recorded audio file to associate with the image and/or add a Text message. Note: The Text to Speech will read the text message aloud only if no audio file is associated with the image.

Click next.

Enter your Text to Speech Text.

On the next screen, enter the before and after times you want the image rotation to wait. The default is 1000 which is equal to 1 second. Click Finish.

Enter time frames.

Click "Save".

New Image added, Save Project.

You have now successfully created your New Project. You can now modify the text message, select a Text to Speech voice for the image, select a Text to Speech voice speed, change the audio file asocaited with the image etc.

You can also add more images to the project by clicking the "Add" button.

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