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Project Sharing with friends and family

Whether you wish to share your holiday expierences, home, school or work project, project sharing is really easy.

On this page:
Create a project to share.
View a shared project.

Create a Project to Share.

Follow these steps to share a project.

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the project you want to share.
E:\Users\Sean\Documents\SpeakComputer\Presentation-Projects\My House

Select the project file and the "audiofiles" and "images" folder, as seen below.

Select Project Files

With the above selected, right click and click Send To -> Compressed (Zipped) Folder, as seen below.

Compress Project files

You will recieve an error if the audiofiles or images folder is empty. Just click OK to continue. As seen below.

Error message is folder are empty

The compressed file is created ready for you to share.

Compressed Project ready for sharing

You can now email this file to a friend or family member for them to view.

View a Shared Project.

To view any project you need to have SpeakComputer V2.0 software installed on the target machine. You can download SpeakComputer V2.0 here.

To view a project, you need to extract the files. Right click the selected Project and click "Extract All..." as seen below.

Extract the Project

The default Extract dialog is displayed, click Extract.

Extracting Project Files

A new Windows is opened, now double click the Project icon to open the presentation.

Extracted Project

Open a shared Text to Speech Image Presentation Project.

Note: You can use most compression software to share projects. In the examples above, we used the built-in compression tool supplied with Windows Vista.

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