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SpeakComputer text to speech image presentations

The SpeakComputer text to speech image presentations software allows you to create various image presentations using text to speech technology. You can create professional or personal presentations and share them with work colleagues, friends and or family members. You can either use the text to speech features or make use of recorded sound files that can be associated with various images or photos. Here, your creativity is what counts.

Main Features include:
  • Speak, Pause and Stop
  • TTS Voice selector
  • Voice speak rate
  • Support of most natural sounding text to speech voices
  • Supports image types as gif, bmp, jpg and png
  • Full screen slide view

Starting the Text to Speech Image presentations.

On your desktop, double click the SpeakComputer icon.

SpeakComputer Text to Speech start icon

This open the main SpeakComputer software selector. Click on the Presentations button to launch the text to speech presentations.

SpeakComputer Text to Speech software launch

From this point you will be asked to start a new project or open an existing project.

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