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Parental Controls - Filter swear words taking control of what the Text to Speech reads.

Parental Controls main application panel.

The Parental Controls feature for SpeakComputer's Text to Speech reader, Web Browser and mini reader allow parents to filter out words, preventing the Text to Speech software from speaking those words. Parents can modify and add additional words, including replacement words via the main Parental Controls application. The Parental Controls software includes a list of default words which can and should be expanded by the parent. NOTE: These Parental Controls only work within the SpeakComputer TTS Reader, TTS Web Browser and TTS Mini Speaker software programs. They are designed to filter swear words preventing what the software reads aloud.


To disable or enable Parental Controls.

The Parental Controls features are controlled by SpeakComputers Parental Controls software. They are NOT enabled by default. To access this feature you need to be part of the "Administrators" group on your Windows machine. Open the SpeakComputer Web Browser and on the start menu, you will see the Parental Controls button as seen below.

Opening Parental Controls. 

Click on the Parental Controls button to open the Main panel. (NOTE: If you are note a member of the Administrators group, you cannot gain access to the Parental Controls.)


Windows Vista users with UAC enabled will be prompted for an Administrators password or UAC confirmation.


With the Parental Controls panel open, you can add words, modify words or replacement words and enable or disable the Parental Controls.


Replacement words allow you the parent to select an appropriate word you would like as an replacement of an existing swear word or ugly word. An example of this might be the word "whore". The word "whore" is not really a swear word, but it not a nice word either. A suitable replacement word for "whore" would be the word "Prostitute". Each swear word or ugly word can have its own replacement word. The default replacement word is "".


Differences between the Reader, Mini Reader and Web Browser.

The SpeakComputer Reader and Mini Reader handle the replacement words differently than the SpeakComputer Web Browser. While all 3 applications will read the replacement words, however, the Reader and Mini Reader will replace the swear words with the replacement words within the typed documents as well. An example of this. Open the SpeakComputer Reader. Type in the words "Shit head" and click play. You will see that the word "Shit", is first replaced with the replacement word, then the spoken replacement word is read. (This example assumes Parental Controls are enabled with the default word list.)


The SpeakComputer Web Browser on the other hand does NOT change the replacement word in Text form. It does however replace the swear word in spoken speech.

NOTE: The exporting features adhere to the Parental Controls replacement words. (If enabled).

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