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Text to Speech Voices - Text to Speech Reader and Browser.

SpeakComputer recommends either Cepstral or Ivona Text to Speech voices. Please read the following prior to purchasing any Text-to-Speech voices.

Speak Computer software works with most Text to Speech voices. The Speak Feature will load all installed voices on your PC which can be used within the program. You can control which voice the Speak feature will use, whether the software is speaking or exporting. You can export your document using one voice and similtaneously on a New Speaker tab or Web page, speak the document in another voice.

You cannot change the voice while the document is speaking or exporting on a single tab.

Note: All Text to Speech voices are language specific. That means an English Text to Speech voice only speaks English and a Spanish Text to Speech voice only speaks Spanish. You need to purchase the language specific Text to Speech voice you require. Windows Vista includes a great natural sounding voice named "Microsoft Anna". Microsoft Anna is an English speaking voice thus only speaks English.

Text to Speech installed voices. Select which voice you want the Text to Speech software reader or Text to Speech Web Browser uses.

Voice Selection - Mini Speaker.

Mini Speaker TTS Voices.

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