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SpeakComputer text to speech speaking clock.

The SpeakComputer text to speech speaking clock is a small tool that will announce the time at various intervals selected by the user. The clock will also greet the user when the user logs on to his or hers computer. By default the clock will greet and announce time by addressing the person by the users login name. The time and greetings can all be modified to suit the user.

Note: By default the clock automatically greets the user when he or she logs on to the computer.

Text to Speech Clock feature includes:
  • Text to Speech Voice Selection.
  • Text to Speech Voice Speed.
  • Announce time selection intervals.
  • Modify time message and greetings.

Starting the Text to Speech Clock.

The Clock starts by default when you logon to your computer. If you have just installed the software and want to launch the clock, double click on the SpeakComputer icon.

SpeakComputer Text to Speech start icon

This open the main SpeakComputer software selector. Click on the Clock button to launch the text to speech Clock.

SpeakComputer Text to Speech software launch

If the clock is already running a message will display. To display an already running clock, right click on the Clock icon in the task bar and click "Open TTS Speaking Clock".

The SpeakComputer text to speech clock

The main speaking clock interface will appear at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Here you can select which text to speech voice you want to use, the speed at which the voice is to speak, the time at which you want the clock to announce and the before message that needs to be spoken.

Text to Speech speaking clock

On the greetings tab, you can change the greeting messages to suit languages and your preference.

Text to Speech speaking clock

Remember: The Speaking clock needs to be running in order to speak. So use the hide button to hide the clock interface.

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