Text to Speech  

SpeakComputer text to speech Mini Speaker.

The SpeakComputer Mini Speaker reads all text within your computers clipboard. With the Mini Speaker running, you can open any other text application like Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Reader(PDF) etc and select the text your want the Mini Speaker to read and click "Ctrl + C" and the Mini Speaker will read the text aloud. With most text applications, you can right click the selected text and click copy.

Text to Speech Mini Speaker feature includes:
  • Speech control, Speak, Pause and Stop.
  • Text to Speech Voice Selection.
  • Text to Speech Voice Speed.
  • Exporting to Mp3 file.

Starting the Text to Speech Mini Speaker.

On your desktop, double click the SpeakComputer icon.

SpeakComputer Text to Speech start icon

This open the main SpeakComputer software selector. Click on the Mini Speaker button to launch the text to speech Mini Speaker.

SpeakComputer Text to Speech software launch

The Mini Speaker is launched and placed at the top center of the screen. It will remain on top of all software windows in it mini state. The Mini Speaker will start immediately if there is any text within the computers clipboard.

The SpeakComputer text to speech Mini Speaker

You can expand the Mini Speaker to expose features as the TTS voice selector, TTS voice speed by clicking on the expand button.

Expanding the SpeakComputer text to speech Mini Speaker

You can export the text directly to MP3 for later playback on your MP3 player. The Mini Text area copies the text from your clipboard and highlights the spoken word as the text to speech reads the text aloud. You can of course modify the text within the text area.

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