Text to Speech  

Supported TTS voices for SpeakComputer software.

SpeakComputer will work with MOST Text to Speech (TTS - Computer voices) voices that are supported natively by the Windows operating system. If the Windows operating system can use the Text to Speech (TTS - Computer voices) voice, then SpeakComputer should be able to use that voice. There are some Text to Speech (TTS - Computer voices) voices that require additional software and can only be used via that software in order to work. In these cases, SpeakComputer will more than likely NOT support those voices.

To date, all good natural sounding TTS voices are commercial and need to be purchased. If you want to use SpeakComputer and want to purchase additional voices that work with SpeakComputer, prior to purchasing the TTS voice, download a trial version to make sure that the TTS voice will work with SpeakComputer software.

Natural sounding Text to Speech (TTS - Computer voices) voices like Cepstral and Ivona offer outstanding quality and value for money and are supported by SpeakComputer software.

Remember: Before purchasing any TTS voice, download a trial version first. If it meets your requirements, then make the purchase.

At Cepstral.com you can download demo TTS voices with their SwiftTalker software. At Ivona.com you can download a demo of their Text-to-Speech software which includes super natural sounding TTS voices.

SpeakComputer Free Text-to-Speech supported TTS voices.
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