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Windows Vista Programs and Features.

Programs and Features replaces the old Add and Remove programs we are used to with Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows.

Programs and Features present us with a more organized tool that provides:
  • Un-install or modify existing programs.
  • View installed updates.
  • Get new programs at Windows Market place.
  • View purchased software.
  • Turn Windows Features On or Off.
Turn Windows Features On or Off.
This feature is similiar to the old Add and remove programs Windows Components feature we found with Windows XP and earlier Windows versions. The big difference is with Windows XP and earlier versions we had to install and un-install components, with Windows Vista the components are already installed you might just need to turn them On or Off.

Example: Internet Information Services. Internet Information Services is already installed with Windows Vista Ultimate. But by default the feature is not turned on. To turn on the feature follow these steps.

Open Control Panel.
Double click Programs and Features.
On the left hand column, click "Turn Windows features on or off".
Click continue when the UAC needs confirmation.
The Windows Features dialog box appears and starts to build a list of features.
Select Internet Information Service.
Click Ok.
The Features you selected will be configured and turned on.

Note: Turning a feature off does not un-install the feature therefore does not save on disk space. Turning the feature off means the feature is not avaliable to you or the operating system.

Feature Rich.
Vista Features can be rich in sub features. So when installing features, expand the feature if possible and ensure all sub features are selected that you need.

Example: ASP.NET on Windows Vista

To enable the ASP.NET feature on Internet Information Services, expand the feature Internet Information Services, expand World Wide Web Services, expand Application Development Features and select ASP.NET.
Click OK.

Installing ASP.Net on Windows Vista.

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