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ClickArt 950K v2 (2008)

Buy ClickArt 950K v2 (2008)
ClickArt 950K v2 (2008)
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Requirements: Windows Vista. Windows.

Binding: DVD-ROM
Manufacturer: Encore Software
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List price only $29.99
  • image search and management solution to find the right image in seconds
  • browse images quickly with thumbnail search results.
  • preview animated images, drag and drop it into any desktop publishing program including The Print Shop, PrintMaster, Microsoft, Adobe, Corel and more

Product description

Take any project from ordinary to extraordinary with the most extensive collection of high quality images & fonts available, perfect for home, work, school or any organization! Choose from a wide variety of premium images, including: Vector Images; Photo clip art; stock photography; black & white photography; fine art & paintings; vintage illustrations; background
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