ClickArt 950K v2 (2008)

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ClickArt 950K v2 (2008)
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Requirements: Windows Vista. Windows.

Binding: DVD-ROM
Manufacturer: Encore Software
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List price only $29.99
  • image search and management solution to find the right image in seconds
  • browse images quickly with thumbnail search results.
  • preview animated images, drag and drop it into any desktop publishing program including The Print Shop, PrintMaster, Microsoft, Adobe, Corel and more

Product description

Take any project from ordinary to extraordinary with the most extensive collection of high quality images & fonts available, perfect for home, work, school or any organization! Choose from a wide variety of premium images, including: Vector Images; Photo clip art; stock photography; black & white photography; fine art & paintings; vintage illustrations; background
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The Teachings of Jesus
Buy new for only: $19.99
10,000 cross-references to thousands of modern topics -- from adultery and drugs, to racism and investmentsInstructional timelines show you events as they unfold - and how they affected historyExamine 35 maps of Biblical land
Learning Company Kid Pix Deluxe 4
Buy new for only: $19.99
Designed with extensive input from teachers and studentsBilingual - English/Spanish SupportFor Ages 4 and Up
Tune Plus
Buy new for only: $19.95
Download podcasts from any Web siteCopy music from iPod player to PC; back up valuable filesSync Microsoft Outlook contacts, calendar, email, and more
Virtual DJ Broadcaster
Buy new for only: $39.99
Record your creations for future playlists or burn them to CDs to create your own demoPlus, you can broadcast your mixes to the world, or to just your friends from the comfort of your own home to theirs
Encore Software Hoyle Puzzle Board Games 2012 AMR
Buy new for only: $19.99
Beautiful polished user interface with smarter navigation and menuOptimization for quicker game install, loading and game-play
Hasbro Family Game Night
Buy new for only: $19.99
PC Exclusive - 1st time offered on PC platformPlay the classic games that you know and loveHave a party! Choose your favorite games and number of players, or play single player
Hoyle Card Games 2008 [Old Version]
Buy new for only: $9.99
Create your own character with Face Creator, customizing everything from facial features to clothesPlay together on the same computer and challenge your friends and family for bragging rights or play solo with 55 different solitaire gamesWindows 2000 SP4/XP (Home & Pro) SP2/Vista Pentium 266 MHz processor or faster (800 MHz processor for Vista) 16 MB RAM (64 MB for Windows XP, 512 MB RAM for Vista)
Punch Home Landscape Pro Version 17
Buy new for only: $179.99
Features include life-like reflection technology for precise visualization & presentationStart designs easily with Quickstart or a professionally drawn sample plan.Customize your design with powerful tools for creating fireplaces and mantels, ceilings, pools and more
Encore Software PrintMaster Platinum V6
Buy new for only: $29.99
5000 brand new, royalty-free, commercial-use images, new search tool allows you to easily search for images that can be used for commercial purposes- royalty freeEven more control over your photos, Integration with Mac iPhoto for direct import of photos from your iPhoto libraryLine Tool Editor-Add points or curves to your lines to create distinct, custom, lines
Encore Luxor 5th Passage Jewel Case
Buy new for only: $9.99
100 all-new Adventure Mode levels4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard & INSANE.
Encore Software Hoyle Card Games 2012 AMR
Buy new for only: $19.99
Beautiful polished user interface with smarter navigation and menuSmarter game logic keeps the stakes high
Math Advantage 2006
Buy new for only: $39.99
Develop critical math skills in 10 core subject areasFun and stimulating with engaging interactive tutorsDesigned by a team of math experts
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Deluxe - 25th Annive...
Buy new for only: $19.99
330 Personalized lessons, exercises and testsDetailed tracking and progress reportingNew content types: type jokes, riddles, recipes, song lyrics and more!
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 18
Buy new for only: $9.99
10 arcade style practice gamesFinger Positioning ExercisesFor Windows XP/Vista and Macintosh OS 10.4-10.5
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Powered by UltraKey ...
Buy new for only: $19.99
Set personal goals, celebrate your achievement and keep motivated every step of the way12 interface themes and countless options adapt to age, needs and styleOver 100 skill checks and typing tests measure your progress
ZoneAlarm Pro 5 Firewall + Privacy Protection
Buy new for only: $39.99
Intrusion Blocking systematically identifies hackers and blocks access attempts.ID Lock prevents your personal data from leaving your computer without your approval.Automatic Program Configuration provides safety and simplicity by automatically configuring programs. Automatically decides whether to allow or deny Internet access to individual programs.
Punch Interior Design Suite V17
Buy new for only: $39.99
Use QuickStart to lay out your room spacesAdd floor and wall coverings, countertop materials, carpet, trim and moreThe lighting designer and sun direction help you plan how much light you want and where
High Impact Email Marketing
Buy new for only: $69.99
Create polished email campaigns at the touch of a button!Ready-to-go templates delivery high-quality creativeCustom Stationery
Math Advantage 2009 [OLD VERSION]
Buy new for only: $29.99
Packed with lessons to help your child in mathematics from elementary to high school levelsTests designed to build fundamental skills and prepare students for success in state standards testingAlso perfect for adults who want to brush up on math
Encore Software Printmaster 2012 Gold DSA
Buy new for only: $19.99
Amazing Readymade Templates - PrintMaster includes ready-made templates by professional designers to make your project quickly and easily, plus 1,000+ new ready-mades.New Avery Templates - New ready-made and blank projects added to work easily with Avery templates
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