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Terms & Conditions


  • Agreement Scope: These Terms, along with the Order, constitute the entire agreement governing the provision of Services between you and SpeakComputers. Additional terms and conditions may apply to specific Services and are incorporated herein. In case of conflict, additional terms prevail.
  • Accuracy Confirmation: Ensure the completeness and accuracy of the Terms and Order before utilizing or purchasing Services. Request written confirmation for any amendments, as only written statements by a SpeakComputers officer are binding.
  • Consent to Data Processing: By using the Services, you expressly consent to the processing and storage of your personal information in the United States and the United Kingdom. Acknowledge potential variations in data protection laws and affirm your consent for processing and storage.


  • Ownership and Usage: All materials within the Services, including software and content, belong to SpeakComputers unless stated otherwise. You acknowledge their value and agree not to acquire ownership rights, except through specific permissions. Unauthorized use is prohibited.
  • Third-party Materials: Certain materials within the Services may belong to third-party licensors, granting them enforcement rights. Respect these rights as per the relevant provisions.
  • Content Restrictions: Use of audio content not explicitly designated for download is prohibited. The Services, excluding SpeakComputers, are not intended for commercial use. Unauthorized distribution or use for commercial purposes may lead to termination and legal consequences.
  • Sharing and Distribution: Limited content may be shared on personal social channels. SpeakComputers grants a limited right to distribute content as part of user commentary, subject to specified terms. Unauthorized modification or false association is prohibited.


  • Trademark Protection: SpeakComputers trademarks and other intellectual property are protected. Misuse or unauthorized alteration/removal is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.


  • Submission Guidelines: User Material submissions must comply with legal and ethical standards. Users are responsible for the content they submit, ensuring legality, accuracy, and respect for rights of others.
  • Grant of Rights: By submitting User Material, users grant SpeakComputers a broad license to use and distribute the material. Users indemnify SpeakComputers against any claims arising from submitted material.


  • Third-party Links: SpeakComputers may provide links to external websites for informational purposes. Users access these links at their discretion, acknowledging SpeakComputers’ lack of responsibility for external content.
  • Linking Policy: Users may link to SpeakComputers’ home page but must adhere to fair and legal practices. Framing the Services or unauthorized linking is prohibited without written permission.


  • Assignment and Indemnity: SpeakComputers may transfer its rights under these Terms. Users indemnify SpeakComputers against claims arising from Service use. SpeakComputers warrants Service quality but disclaims liability for certain matters.
  • Warranties and Limitations: SpeakComputers warrants Service conformity and reasonable skill in provision. However, all Services and content are provided “as is,” with no warranties. SpeakComputers disclaims liability for errors, delays, or interruptions.
  • No Waiver: Failure to enforce rights under these Terms does not constitute a waiver of said rights.
  • Force Majeure: SpeakComputers is not liable for Service unavailability or failure due to circumstances beyond its control.


  • Clause Interpretation: Phrases such as “including” are illustrative, not limiting. Gender and number references are interchangeable unless context dictates otherwise.